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With the growth of age, the body's metabolism of alcohol is getting slower and slower. Many people wake up with a headache the next day after drinking too much, which has a great impact on life and work. Therefore, it is necessary to eat some food to relieve the headache after drinking the next day. For those who drink more and socialize more, come to see what food can help us relieve the headache!


Drinking honey after drunk, this method can not only sober up quickly, but also relieve headache after drunk very effectively, so drinking honey is a perfect way to get rid of alcohol.

White radish juice

Take two catties of fresh radish, wash and squeeze juice, slightly heat the juice and drink it, one cup at a time, once every 10 minutes, three times can relieve the wine gas.

Celery juice

Two catties of fresh celery are washed, chopped and juiced. Drink it as tea for three times (every 5 minutes). This juice has special effect on headache, brain distension and flushing after drinking.


Since ancient times, olives have been the "good medicine" for sobering up, clearing stomach heat and promoting appetite. It can be eaten directly or stewed with rock sugar.

Tomato Juice

After drinking, the liver is responsible for breaking down alcohol to keep blood sugar stable. Blood glucose is the main energy of the brain. Low blood glucose can easily lead to fatigue, fatigue and depression. At this time, drinking a cup of tomato juice can supplement sugar, relieve headache and other discomfort after drunk. Lycopene in tomato juice also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Mung bean soup

Mung bean soup or mung bean paste are antidotes. Take out the right amount of mung bean, wash clean, mash it, boil it into soup with boiling water or take it directly.

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