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Fotiaoqiang, also known as Tanxiang and fushouquan, is a famous local dish in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, belonging to Fujian cuisine department. There are dozens of kinds of raw materials for fo Tiao Qiang dish: sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, scallop, fish lip, turtle skirt, deer tendon, pigeon egg, duck treasure, fish belly, glue, Yao Zhu, pigeon, spareribs, razor clam, ham, pig tripe, sheep elbow, hoof tip, tendon, domestic nursing hen breast, domestic yellow billed Duck Breast, chicken gizzard, mushroom, winter bamboo shoot, etc. A variety of raw materials simmer in a jar, both have a common meat flavor, but also maintain their own characteristics. It tastes soft and tender, full of meat flavor, but not greasy; Each material is permeated with each other and tastes delicious.

Selected practices of Buddha jumping over the wall

Practice of Buddha jumping over the wall

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