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Nourishing Yin

What food does nourishing Yin eat? Nourishing Yin Recipe can help you to nourish yin

Nourishing Yin, a traditional Chinese medicine term, refers to a therapeutic method of Nourishing Yin liquid. Nourishing Yin also refers to nourishing Yin, nourishing yin and benefiting Yin. Yin deficiency causes malnutrition, which will seriously affect human health and life activities. Especially for urban white-collar women, it is easy to have hot hands, feet and heart, night sweats, dry throat and dry mouth. Yin deficiency is blood heat, which leads to dryness of the human body and large fire, which makes people fever. The main manifestations of yin deficiency are hot flashes and night sweats, red tongue, dry mouth, thin body, dizziness and tinnitus, red lips and cheekbones, deficiency insomnia, cough and hemoptysis, spermatorrhea, red tongue and less moss. Yin deficiency can eat more cold, mineral and trace elements rich food, to eat less spicy or stimulating food.

Recommended ingredients for nourishing yin

Nourishing Yin Recipe

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