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What kind of food do you eat for strengthening yang? How to treat it

Strengthening yang refers to improving the masculine breath of men through diet, medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise and other means to achieve the purpose of improving kidney yang, strengthening yang, strengthening physical fitness, enhancing sexual ability and enhancing sexual desire. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the scarcity of sperm belongs to the category of asthenia, which is mainly due to the deficiency of congenital endowment or excessive damage of kidney essence due to excessive atrial labor. The only way to improve your health is to exercise, eat reasonably, and have a healthy lifestyle. Medical experiments have found that zinc is an important substance to form testosterone, and fish, shrimp, shellfish and seaweed are rich in zinc. In addition, the animal kidney also has a good effect on enhancing sexual function.

Recommended food ingredients for strengthening yang

Diet for invigorating yang

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