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Relieving heat and thirst

What kind of food to eat to relieve heat and thirst? The diet can help you to relieve heat and thirst

The stimulation of summer heat makes the nerve center in a state of tension, and the activity level of endocrine glands will also change, resulting in poor digestion, poor appetite and no desire to eat. People suddenly get cold after exposure to the sun. This can cause skin pores to contract, the body is difficult to heat and heatstroke. In summer, the weather is dry, the temperature is high, and it is easy to get heatstroke. Therefore, we must choose fruits and melons with sunstroke prevention effect in choosing food. For example, wax gourd, wax gourd, heat and water, swelling and detoxification, fluid generation and trouble removal effect; Watermelon: good for relieving heat, thirst and diuresis; Cucumber, often eat good excretion of gastrointestinal spoilage food; Luffa, can be antipyretic disinfection, channels and collaterals, phlegm dampness. In the hot and humid season, eating more heat clearing and dehumidification food can help prevent the body from being troubled by damp heat, which is helpful for relieving heat and promoting body fluid. Relatively speaking, frying hot and dry food should eat less.

Recommended ingredients for relieving heat and thirst

Recipe for relieving heat and thirst

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