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Dysmenorrhea to eat what food, dysmenorrhea diet to help you dysmenorrhea treatment

Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common gynecological symptoms, which refers to the pain and distension of the lower abdomen before and after menstruation or menstrual period, accompanied by low back acid or other discomfort. According to traditional Chinese medicine, dysmenorrhea is mostly caused by poor circulation of Qi and blood or deficiency of Qi and blood. Clinical common symptoms are qi stagnation and blood stasis, cold coagulation of the uterus, Qi and blood weakness, dampness and heat infusion and other symptoms, diet therapy can play a better role in prevention and treatment. Menstrual period should avoid all raw cold and stimulating food, such as pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, pepper and so on. Dysmenorrhea patients usually diet should be diversified, not partial, should often eat some vegetables and fruits with the effect of regulating qi and promoting blood circulation, such as shepherd's purse, coriander, carrot, orange, bergamot, ginger, etc. If the body is weak and Qi and blood is insufficient, people should often eat foods that can replenish qi, blood, liver and kidney, such as chicken, duck, fish, eggs, milk, animal liver and kidney, beans, etc.

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