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Cold weather is not only easy to make people cold, but also bring many problems. Knee joint cold, will cause joint pain, stiffness, abdominal cold will appear abdominal cold pain, so timely drive cold warm body is very necessary. It is necessary to use the food with the function of keeping out the cold to warm and nourish the whole body, strengthen the constitution, promote the metabolism, improve the ability of the human body to prevent cold, maintain the normal function of the body tissues, resist external pathogens and reduce the occurrence of diseases. Some warm food can be eaten to drive away the cold. Mutton is hot in nature, which can warm and nourish deficiency, nourish the middle Qi, resist wind and cold. It has good curative effect on cold cough, chronic tracheitis, lumbago and knee pain and abdominal cold pain. It is a good nourishing food and is most suitable for winter consumption. Potatoes are rich in starch, vitamins and minerals. They can be used as food and vegetables. Beef is warm in nature, tonifying Qi, strengthening muscles and bones, and strengthening spleen and stomach. Eating in winter helps to drive away cold and warm up the body and enhance immunity.

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