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Invigorate both qi and blood

What kind of food do you eat for both qi and blood? The recipe of Qi and blood tonifying can help you to treat both qi and blood

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the main function of Qi is to warm the human body, and the function of blood is to nourish the human body. Qi and blood grow and depend on each other in the human body. The so-called "Qi is the commander of blood, and blood is the mother of Qi". That is to say, Qi can generate blood, promote the operation of blood and prevent blood from flowing to the outside of blood vessels. Blood can be used as the carrier of Qi to run the whole body, and give Qi sufficient nutrition. But when you are sick, Qi and blood can affect each other. The causes of blood deficiency include spleen and stomach weakness, insufficient diet, excessive blood loss, kidney qi deficiency and overwork.

Recommended ingredients for nourishing qi and blood

Recipe for nourishing qi and blood

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