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What food does prostatitis eat? Prostatitis recipe helps you to treat prostatitis

Prostatitis is a kind of disease which has a great impact on men's daily life and work. In addition to obvious abnormal urination, it may also be accompanied by many systemic symptoms. The harm of prostatitis will not only bring physiological discomfort and pain, but also spread to adjacent organs, causing urinary infection, nephritis and other diseases. What's more, prostatitis can also lead to sexual dysfunction and male infertility. In addition to timely medical treatment, we should also pay attention to prevention and health care, 1. Avoid blind medication; 2. Pay attention to living habits; 3. Pay attention to scientific treatment; 4. Regular sexual life. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins and trace elements. Usually eat more tomatoes, tomatoes not only contain rich vitamin C, which lycopene can prevent prostatitis. Momordica charantia has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, removing dampness, relieving fatigue, clearing heart and eyesight, supplementing qi and strengthening yang. Balsam pear can treat prostatitis. Avoid spicy food, such as green onion, raw garlic, pepper, etc.

Recommended ingredients for prostatitis

Prostatitis recipe

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