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Daily massage these parts, health more health


Daily massage of some parts of the body, promote the blood circulation and dredging of the body, is still very good for the body, but the premise of massage is to use the right method, among them, massage these parts, or have a good health effect, you can have a try!

Massage which parts can prolong life

Part one: armpit

Many armpits will laugh naturally after being touched. This is because this part is the most abundant area of nerves, lymph nodes and blood vessels. Laughter can promote the movement of organs, so as to promote blood circulation, so that the major organs can get more nutrients and oxygen exchange, so that people's brain, heart, lung benefit a lot.

On weekdays, let your family or your partner touch your armpit and make yourself smile more. Every time I touch my armpit, when I want to laugh, I can't help but stop.

Part 2: anterior chest

The thymus is distributed in the anterior chest. The substances secreted by the thymus can monitor and eliminate the variant cells in the body, and it has the ability of anti infection and disease resistance, which has a certain effect on delaying the aging of human body. In this regard, it is recommended to massage the chest every day to help activate the thymus and prevent disease and prolong life.

Generally speaking, rub your front chest up and down with the palm of your hand for 100 to 200 times.

Part 3: spine

The meridians distributed on both sides of the spine are closely related to the five viscera and six Fu organs of the human body. Regular massage of the spine can dredge the meridians, promote the circulation of Qi and blood, and smooth the blood vessels, so as to nourish the organs of the whole body.

Attention, the spine is a very important place, you can't massage at will. If you want to massage, you should go to massage department of Chinese medicine hospital. Because the informal clinic or health shop can not ensure the qualification of masseuse. If the other side is not professional enough, it may cause great damage after being massaged.

Part 4, sole

The sole of the foot not only has many acupoints, but also cuts the meridians and collaterals. Some scientists believe that there are thousands of peripheral nerves distributed on the sole of the foot, which are closely related to the brain and heart. On weekdays, massaging the sole of the foot can better push the blood from the far end to the heart and the whole body, regulate the balance of yin and Yang in the body, prevent and cure diseases, keep fit and prolong life.

Among them, there are many ways to massage the soles of the feet, such as often bending toes, stepping on pebbles, wearing socks to walk on the pressure board. Can also press the center of the foot and so on, can play the massage sole effect.

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