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More attention should be paid to the causes of cerebral hemorrhage in winter


Nowadays, sudden cerebral hemorrhage is becoming more and more young, mainly because young people are under great pressure, often over tired, but lack of exercise. Therefore, cerebral hemorrhage is a disease worthy of attention of the whole community. First of all, let's find out what causes cerebral hemorrhage?

What are the causes of cerebral hemorrhage

1. Cold weather

Now it's winter. The cold weather is likely to affect the endocrine metabolism of the nerves in the patient's body. Especially in the season with large temperature difference between day and night, this temperature difference is likely to lead to the increase of blood viscosity, the capillary of patients will become more vulnerable, and the blood pressure will rise immediately, It is likely to cause rupture of blood vessels and cause sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

2. Bad habits

Overwork, long-term habit of staying up late will lead to the imbalance of the internal part of our body, and the blood consistency will also increase. It's likely to cause a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

3. Too much emotional ups and downs

Now we all know that everyone's life and work pressure is very big, often there will be restlessness and manic mood. If you are in this kind of negative mood for a long time, and can not find a vent point, it is likely to lead to endocrine disorders, blood circulation will be very fast, then the probability of sudden cerebral hemorrhage will be higher.

The treatment of cerebral hemorrhage deserves everyone's attention, so how should we prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage in our daily life?

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