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The child constitution is bad always sick, how should parents do?


Everyone's physique is different. Some people are born stronger, others are born weaker. People with weak constitution also have new ones who want to be strong. So how should people with weak constitution maintain their health?

1、 What do you eat for poor health

1. Black chicken nourishing soup

Materials: one black chicken, 20 red dates, 15 dried longan, 2og lotus seeds, 50g rock sugar, yellow rice wine and ginger.

Method: cut the black chicken into pieces and put it into the pot. Add red dates, longan, lotus seeds, ginger, yellow wine and proper amount of water and simmer for more than one and a half hours.

Efficacy: replenish qi and blood, effectively improve dizziness, mental fatigue symptoms, and enhance immunity.

2. Stewed duck with walnuts

Materials: walnut, chestnut each 30g, an old duck, rice wine, ginger.

Method: after the old duck is cleaned, put the walnut and chestnut into the duck belly, then put the duck into the pot, add appropriate amount of rice wine and ginger, and simmer for 2 hours with water.

Efficacy: tonifying kidney and tonifying essence, effectively improve the symptoms of soreness and weakness of waist and knee and fear of cold.

Bitter gourd with salted eggs

Extended reading: Eat 5 things at the end of the year to enhance the baby's resistance

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